About Us

There is a newfound fun and satisfaction for exhibitors, breeders, and spectators at events that embrace the athleticism and disposition of the Arabian horse. Al-Marah Arabians is one of the most successful - if not the most successful - of the exhibitors in sport horse competition.


"The first purpose of Al-Marah is to raise the best Arabians possible, preserving the wonderful characterisitcs that have been theirs for centuries and applying modern knowledge, from genetics to nutrition, in order to raise even better horses.

The second purpose is to handle and train these horses that they may meet their potential and give utmost satisfaction. The apprentice program is an integral part of this.

The third purpose is to provide as many services as practicable to our clients so that they are capable of enjoying their horse to the fullest and being successful in their horse goals.

The fourth purpose is to do all of the above in a manner which will make Al-Marah financially profitable."