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At Al-Marah Arabian Farms we know a lot about dreams of horses. Our clients over the years have included a long list of dreamers… like Walter Farley (author of the Black Stallion series of books). Farley bought all his horses from Al-Marah.

That’s because since 1942, we’ve created horses that have helped thousands of people achieve their dreams. There’s a lot more to achieving the dream than the right horse… you also need the right program.

That’s why we have multiple instructors who are experts at devising a program just for you. We are expert in riding instruction, in producing foals, in the training of everything from a newborn foal to a Grand Prix Dressage horse. And we also can give you the expert coaching & instruction you need to succeed at the National Champion level.

The 41 National Championships we’ve won in the last 2 years are #1 in our industry. Our experience is peerless: we’ve been creating Championship horse and rider teams since 1942. Come see us now.

Achieve Your Dream By Joining Us!


Adults & Children

30 Minute Session $65
1 Hour Session $95
Child Intro 30 Minute Session* $65
Child 1 Hour Session Contact us for riding package & group lesson rates!


Children’s lessons start out with 30 minutes private lesson, at $65/single session.

Once the children get used to riding, they’ll receive a 1 hour session at $65 each for the remainder of their time with us.


Monthly Riding Lesson Package starting at $240/mo.



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