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Keeley Wins Arabian Youth Nationals

Keeley Wins Arabian Youth Nationals

Just back from Arabian Youth Nationals where Keeley was competing on AM Hey You Star++++//, Al-Marah Swift++++//, Al-Marah Prince John++++// and Al-Marah Star of the Sea.  Got off to a rough start as we got DQed on both of Star of the Sea’s reining rides and Prince John wasn’t quite ready for anybody but Kassie.  At 15-years old, Hey You Star did show everyone how she got the in hand points for her Legion of Masters and Excellence, placing Reserve National Champion in hand!

Swift started off with 5th place at Second Level, then moved up to fourth and third place in the JTR & JOTR first level classes.

Hey You Star & Keeley then took over with National Championships at 3rd & 4th levels, and Unanimous National Champion in Sport Horse Show Hack. Keeley and Hey You Star are a very special pair.

For the icing on the cake, Swift won the Sport Horse Under Saddle class right before we had to take off for Oklahoma on Friday late because of the 21 day quarantine for hoses from New Mexico and Texas going into Canada.  We leave for Canada on the 10th of August, and will be delivering Al-Marah Donna Doveki to her new home with Janice Anderson in Plentywood, Montana on our way to Brandon, Manitoba.

We realize that many of our customers like us to deliver their horses, which we think is a fine idea.  After all, we feel that Al-Marah horses are always members of our family, and so are their new owners!  We delivered Al-Marah Hey Thor to Lynn Tucker in Southern New Jersey and Al-Marah Create A Bet to Sara Isaacson along California’s Pacific Coast in the last month.


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