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Al-Marah is proud to be the oldest, continuously bred, privately owned band of Arabian horses in the world. Our band of horses are direct decedents of the first and greatest gathering of Bedouin horses from the Arabian Desert by Abbas Pasha while he was Governor of Arabia. To insure that we are still breeding the warhorses of the desert, Al-Marah has established the following criteria for our Arabian Horses.

Our Standards for an Al-Marah Horse:

  1. They must be athletes with endurance, agility and the heart of a warrior.
  2. They must be beautiful with great Arabian Type and correct conformation.
  3. They must have wonderful dispositions – safe, affectionate, and willing.

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There is an Arabian Horse Association award that includes these characteristics:

  • It is indicated by the symbols ++++// behind the horse’s name.
  • It’s called the Legion of Masters and Excellence. This is the rarest and most prestigious award an Arabian Horse can win.
  • Though we have bred less than 1% of all Arabian Horses in America, 17 of the 80 horses who have won this award – approximately 1 in 6 – were bred by Al-Marah!  The Next closest breeders – there are four – have produced 2.

And our accolades don’t end there. Last year alone, we were the:

  • #1 Breeder of Arabian Horses winning at the Nationals
  • #1 Owner of Arabian Horses winning at the Nationals
  • Owner of the #1 sire of Arabian Horse Champions – Bremervale Andronicus++++//
  • Owner of the AHA High Point Arabian Horse of the Year – Al-Marah Swift++++//
  • Have won more than 40 National Championships in the past 2 years



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The Al-Marah Story

“Raised to be a breeder” by his mother Bazy Tankersley, Mark Miller is scripting the production of a lifetime directing Al-Marah’s legacy into the future.

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